LOGT Log/Intermodal Transpor.

LOGT   7432   Logistics Fundamentals and Strategy

3 Credit Hours.   3 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

Develops an understanding of logistics systems. The class will apply a managerial focus approach to integrating the numerous logistical activities in the supply chain including materials management, physical distribution, third party logistics, transportation, and other topics. The class will stress practicall applications through a case approach and a logistics simulation.

Prerequisite(s): Prior or concurrent enrollment in and a minimum grade of "C" in MGNT   7331.

LOGT   9999   Dissertation

1-18 Credit Hours.   0 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

A directed research project to develop the student"s dissertation. This course will also serve as dissertation hours upon completion of the first three (3) hours. An additional 15 hours of LOGT   9999 is required at a minimum for the student to produce an acceptable dissertation.