LSTD Legal Studies

LSTD   6130   Legal Environment of Business

3 Credit Hours.   3 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

Business operates in a domestic and global environment shaped by social and economic forces, made to operate on managers through government regulation and incentives. This course presents an introduction to those factors in the environment of business that shape and affirm American capitalism.

LSTD   7130   Legal and Ethical Issues in Business

3 Credit Hours.   3 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

A survey of the legal and ethical rules which govern the managerial decision making process, particularly focusing on constitutional "Commerce Clause" interpretation, contract and agency principles, administrative agency regulations, and evolving ethical issues which influence the application of the law. The course is set in domestic law, but includes operational legal aspects of the international market place.

Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing and permission of Director of Graduate programs in the College of Business; a minimum grade of "C" in LSTD   2106 and prior or concurrent enrollment in MGNT   7331 with a minimum grade of "C".

LSTD   7230   Law and Ethics for Accountants

3 Credit Hours.   3 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

An introduction to legal and ethical issues involving the Uniform Commercial Code and administrative agency regulations. Emphasis is on recognition of these issues to enhance professionalism for business administration.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of "C" in LSTD   2106 or LSTD   6130.