WGST Women and Gender Studies

WGST   5131G   Sex, Violence, and Culture

3 Credit Hours.   3 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

Uses feminist theories of gender, sexuality, and patriarchal culture to explore the relationship between public and private violence. Placing private violence in a global perspective, this course critiques the gender stakes of economies of domination and exploitation, the war system, and ideologies of family and nation.

Cross Listing(s): WGST   5131.

WGST   5633G   Writing the Body

3 Credit Hours.   3 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

Writing the Body explores the ways in which written discourse is an intellectual, social, creative, and educational practice that is always also material and corporeal. As an introduction to discipline-specific foundations in writing theory and methodologies, this course engages students in both the analysis and production of written texts and enables them to explore the ways in which identity narratives are embodied and performative. Graduate students will be given additional assignments not required of undergraduate students.

Cross Listing(s): WGST   5633.

WGST   7431   Independent Study in Women's and Gender Studies

3 Credit Hours.   3 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

Individually designed topics that vary according to the instructor.

Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor.