Admission and Retention in College of Education Programs

A student must be formally admitted to the graduate degree program for which he/she intends to earn a degree. Refer to the College of Graduate Studies for limits on the number of courses that may be applied to a program for non-degree seeking students.

In order to be admitted in a graduate education program, a student must:

  1. Meet all admission criteria as identified for the specific graduate program (degree and non-degree).
  2. Complete a criminal background check.
  3. Disclose any previous misconduct or professional ethics violations—must not have a warning, reprimand, suspension, denial, or revocation statement in the educator’s certification file.
  4. Acknowledge that the Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s (PSC) Code of Ethics for Educators has been reviewed and that the applicant will adhere to those standards.
  5. Confirm that he/she holds tort liability insurance coverage.

Prior to a structured field placement (i.e., an internship, practicum, and on-going experience that is more than a one-time classroom project), a graduate student must:

  1. Meet all admission and retention requirements for the graduate education program, including GPA requirements.
  2. Have a disciplinary record clear of any actions which might be a detriment to placement and successful performance in a school or other educational/community agency internship setting.
  3. Disclose any previous misconduct or professional ethics violations or any pending professional ethics violations (e.g., pending PSC investigations).
  4. Exhibit appropriate mental, emotional, and physical health skills and capabilities needed to meet the expectations of the profession.
  5. Confirm that he/she continues to hold tort liability insurance coverage.
  6. Complete a criminal background recheck. Please be aware that if a criminal background check (or recheck) shows a pending criminal charge or a criminal conviction, this may prevent you from receiving a field placement.
  7. Participate in any required orientation activities for the internship.

All of the following requirements must be met for retention in a graduate education program:

  1. Maintain required GPA.
  2. Successfully complete all key assessments required by the program.
  3. Successfully complete all field experiences required by the program.
  4. Maintain an active account with the College of Education's electronic assessment and data management system while enrolled as a graduate student.
  5. Successfully complete all requirements specified by the program and be making satisfactory progress toward achieving program outcomes. Programs will be responsible for monitoring student progress and providing guidance to students who may be having difficulty meeting retention requirements.
  6. Must not have violated the Georgia Professional Standards Commission’s Code of Ethics for Professional Educators. Must not have a past reprimand, monitoring, or warning statement in the educator’s certification file. Failure to report any violation of state or federal law to the Professional Standards Commission within 90 days is grounds for exclusion from a program.
  7. Must not have been found in violation of the Georgia Southern University Student Conduct Code. Reviews will be made on a case-by-case basis based on the seriousness of the violation and with regard to consistency.
  8. Maintain liability insurance.
  9. Students who are required to participate in structured field placements as part of their graduate program are required to complete a criminal background recheck on admission to the program and before commencing the structured field placement. Students will be required to undergo a criminal background recheck once every two years but will not be required to perform a background recheck more than one time per year if their program requires multiple structured field placements.
  10. Meet all retention criteria established by the College of Graduate Studies.

Be sure to check the specific program page in the catalog for additional requirements.