Doctor of Education Programs

The Ed.D. program in Curriculum Studies provides a unique and contemporary approach to doctoral study in curriculum. The program prepares graduates to work directly in the P-12 schools (e.g., master teacher, instructional coordinator, curriculum director) or to enter the professoriate as curriculum scholars. The Curriculum Studies program evaluates applications once per year for summer admission, and admission is competitive. See program’s Catalog page for specific information on admission, program of study, and other requirements.

The Ed.D. degree program in Educational Leadership is designed to extend the competence and knowledge base of educational leaders who have been prepared to work in elementary, middle, secondary, and postsecondary educational settings. The program seeks to develop administrators and supervisors who:

  1. will become team and community leaders,
  2. have developed an informed vision of what educational organizations are and can become,
  3. will focus on teaching and learning for an increasingly diverse student group as the mission of the educational organization, and
  4. have acquired an initial mastery of the theory and practice of organizational leadership and management in a climate of fiscal and social constraint. See program’s catalog page for specific information on admission, program of study, and other requirements.

Continuous Enrollment

A student working for a doctorate must be enrolled at Georgia Southern University during the semester in which the comprehensive/qualifying/candidacy examination is taken and in each subsequent semester, including summer term, following the first dissertation registration, until the degree requirements are met and the dissertation is accepted by the College of Graduate Studies.

Failure to enroll will result in loss of candidacy. To regain candidacy, the student must successfully petition the College of Graduate Studies. If it is necessary to interrupt progress toward the degree, the student may petition for a leave of absence of up to one year. The petition must be submitted at least one month before the effective date of leave. The major professor, the department chair, and the Vice Provost must grant approval. The Vice Provost will establish the conditions of the leave. An extension of a leave of absence beyond one year may be granted by the Vice Provost upon recommendation of the student's dissertation committee.