Master of Education Programs

Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree programs are offered in twelve areas of study. A student admitted to the College of Graduate Studies as a prospective candidate for the M.Ed. degree must satisfactorily complete a planned Program of Study of at least 36 credit hours, including a minimum of 6-9 credit hours in the professional education Core and a minimum of 15 credit hours in the content field of the major. Since programs of study in all certificated areas are planned to enable students to meet the requirements of the Georgia Professional Standards Commission as specified in Georgia Southern’s “approved programs,” it is critical that students meet with their advisors early in their course work to plan an appropriate Program of Study. The development of the Program of Study expedites the registration process and ensures that all course work may be applied toward fulfilling degree requirements. Upon successful completion of the Program of Study, graduates in certification programs will be recommended for the appropriate Georgia Level Five Certificate.

M.Ed. programs of study must include at least 50% of level 6000, 7000 and 8000 courses. Students and their advisors are strongly encouraged not to include more than one 5000G-5999G level course in the Program of Study.

Admission to M.Ed. Programs

Regular Admission

For regular admission to the College of Graduate Studies to pursue the Master of Education degree, the applicant must:

  1. Possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution.
  2. Satisfy program requirements for certification. Select programs require that those admitted possess or be eligible for a Level Four Certificate or equivalent in the teaching field or a related field.Refer to program admission requirements in the catalog.
  3. Present a cumulative 2.50 (4.0 scale) grade point average or higher on all undergraduate and graduate work combined.
  4. Present official report of scores on the Miller Analogies Test (MAT) or the verbal, quantitative and analytical writing sections of the Graduate Records Examination (GRE). For USG franchise program applicants who hold clear, renewable certification in a teaching, service or leadership field, while GRE or MAT scores are acceptable, these applicants may instead submit passing Georgia scores on the GACE or PRAXIS content exam and will be evaluated at the end of the first 9 credit hours of study in terms of GPA and key assessments.
  5. Submit a personal statement of purpose, not to exceed 250 words, that identifies the applicant’s reasons for pursuing graduate study and how admission into the program relates to the applicant’s professional aspirations.
  6. Submit a completed “Disclosure and Affirmation Form” that addresses misconduct disclosure, criminal background check, the Code of Ethics for Educators, and tort liability insurance.
  7. NOTE: Some programs, including Counselor Education and School Psychology programs, have additional admissions requirements; refer to programs for specific information.

Provisional Admission

Applicants may be approved for provisional admission based on the quality of the admission material presented. Provisional students must earn grades of “B” or higher in their first nine (9) credits of course work after admission and meet any other stipulations outlined by the department to be converted to regular status.