Graduate Off-Campus Research

The student must submit to the thesis committee a well-formulated research plan, including objectives and methodology, and the committee must review and approve the plan before the student departs for the research site and indicate approval on the program of study. In addition, the thesis committee may stipulate the following requirements:

  1. That the major professor and/or a competent local authority who can reliably guide the student provide continuing on-site supervision.
  2. That the student provides the thesis committee with frequent, periodic estimates of performance and progress. The committee may also require that a competent local authority authenticate these.
  3. That the major professor carries out local inspections of the student's activities.

Regardless of the location at which the research is conducted, the final written and/or oral examination will normally be given on the Statesboro campus. In the case of an examination in which the participants are not all in the same location, any technology used to conduct the examination must support simultaneous oral interaction between the student and all members of the examining committee. When unusual circumstances arise in the guidance of off-campus students, supervisory committees should consult with the College of Graduate Studies.