Master's Thesis Committee

Following admission to a masters program, the student in a degree program that requires a thesis confers with the degree program coordinator of the academic program and selects an advisor, or "major professor," from among the graduate faculty who have permission from their department chair to direct a Masters thesis and who are willing to assume the responsibility. Master's thesis committees must be formulated by masters students in masters programs requiring a thesis. In some programs, the chair may be assigned to the student. The committee must consist of a minimum of three members of the Graduate faculty, including the student's major professor, who will serve as Chair of the committee. In some instances, a Co-chair may be part of the committee makeup.

Only faculty holding Member (Full) Graduate Faculty status may serve as the Master's Thesis Committee Chair. If there are more than three members on the committee, there must be greater than 50% GSU faculty representation. The committee may include not more than one voting non-Georgia Southern University faculty. This individual must hold Affiliate Graduate Faculty status at Georgia Southern University, be appointed to the graduate faculty, and be approved by the dean of the College of Graduate Studies. Adjunct faculty can not serve on a Master's Thesis committee.

The student must submit the completed Application for Thesis Title and Committee Member Approval Form  to the College of Graduate Studies for committee approval and have the non-Georgia Southern committee member complete the online process. The College of Graduate Studies gives final approval for non-Georgia Southern committee members. Changes in the Committee membership must be submitted on the Committee Member Change form and be approved by the College of Graduate Studies.

All members of a student's dissertation committee participate as peers and have the responsibility for planning the program of study, advising the student, and ensuring that the student's master's program is of high quality.

Should some departments have Thesis Committee membership requirements that are more stringent than stated above, the department policy will be adhered to.