Post-MSN Nurse Educator Certificate (NEC)

Requirements: 12 Credit Hours

Student Outcomes

  1. Incorporate educational theoretical perspectives, instructional design and assessment, and pedagogy of instruction in classroom, clinical, and laboratory areas.
  2. Create a learning environment for nursing students that promotes the development of the core values of the profession.
  3. Employ effective communication and technology within the diverse educational environment.
  4. Demonstrate role responsibility and accountability in professional endeavors.

Admission Cycle

The admission application materials for the College of Graduate Studies (COGS) for this nursing education certificate must be received by April 1st for admission consideration into the summer or fall semester cohort. Phone interviews with individuals under consideration may be conducted prior to admission.

Admission Criteria

  1. Master’s degree in Nursing from a college accredited by the appropriate accrediting association. The MAT or GRE is not required for admission.
  2. Minimum graduate GPA of 3.0 (on 4.0 scale)
  3. Current RN license in state of residence.
  4. Submission/completion of College of Graduate Studies application (on-line)
  5. Proof of current malpractice liability insurance
  6. Must have the capability to fully utilize and interact within the on-line course delivery format of the institution.

Specific Admission Policies

The Nursing Education certificate student will be admitted in Non-degree status and ineligible to enroll in other graduate courses unless admitted to that program. Only grades of “B” or better earned in the NEC are eligible for application to the nursing doctorate if the individual is later admitted to the degree program.

Progression Policy

A student admitted Non-Degree to the Post-MSN Nurse Educator Certificate option must have an overall 3.0 GPA, with a limit of one “C” allowed, in the required courses to earn the certificate. Students will become academically ineligible to continue course work if a grade of “D”, “F”, or “WF” is earned in any of the nursing education courses. Students must also meet any applicable College of Graduate Studies progression policies.

Transfer Credit 

Limited transfer credit may be applied to the nurse educator certificate.

Grade Requirements and Applicability to DNP Degree

The minimum acceptable grade to meet the certificate requirement is a “C.” Students who complete the NURS 8231 (Theoretical Perspectives of Teaching and Learning in Nursing Education), NURS 8232 (Instructional Design and Assessment in Nursing Education), and NURS 8233 (Learner-Centered Teaching: Creative Classroom and Clinical Education in Nursing). Courses in the certificate program with a “B” or better could apply them to the DNP degree cognate elective requirement if accepted into the DNP program.

Program of Study

Credit Hours
Required Courses
NURS   8231Theoretical Perspectives of Teaching and Learning in Nursing Education3
NURS   8232Instructional Design and Assessment in Nursing Education3
NURS   8233Learner-Centered Teaching: Creative Classroom and Clinical Education in Nursing3
NURS   8234Nursing Education Cognate Capstone3
Total Credit Hours12


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