CHHS Student Services Center

J. SynoCoordinator
R. BakerAcademic Advisor
B. BulmerAcademic Advisor
K. Cherry-BeckAcademic Advisor
S. HilkerAcademic Advisor
V. JonesAcademic Advisor
D. OdomAcademic Advisor
B. RichardsonAcademic Advisor
B. StephensAcademic Advisor
S. TaylorAcademic Advisor
Z. Williams-SledgeAcademic Advisor
M. YarbroughAcademic Advisor

Magnolia Coastlands AHEC - in Partnership with the College of Health and Human Sciences and Housed in the Center for Health Outreach

M. PungDirector
B. KunduPreceptor Coordinator
R. KirklandHealth Careers Recruiter
V. EmbryContinuing Education Coordinator
C. HarperStudent Support Coordinator
A. CatronStaff Assistant