Graduate Grade Point Average

The total institutional graduate grade point average (cumulative GPA) is the grade average made by the student on all graduate work for which he/she has enrolled by level. It is obtained by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted (GPA hours). Courses carrying an "S" or "U" are not included. The cumulative graduate GPA is reset when a student is admitted to an Education Specialist degree or a doctoral program.

Credits taken as a non-degree student to raise the GPA to meet admission standards may not be used to satisfy graduation requirements of the program. Students whose total institution GPA falls below the required minimum will be placed on academic probation and/or exclusion.

The total institution GPA is based only on the course work done at Georgia Southern University and does not include transfer course work. To see your current GPA and to calculate your projected GPA, check DegreeWorks.