Theses and Dissertations

A student completing a program in which a thesis or dissertation is required must undergo a process involving three primary steps on the way to satisfying the thesis or dissertation requirement. These steps must come in proper order, and each subsequent step cannot be undertaken until the student has successfully completed the prior step.

  1. The thesis or dissertation is defended by the student before the appropriate program committee.
  2. The student makes any modification(s) that may be required by the committee and submits the revised thesis or dissertation to the chair (or Co-chairs) or the committee (or designee) for a final reading approval if required.
  3. The student submits the thesis or dissertation to the College of Graduate Studies for format check in the required electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) (URL) style via the ETD web site by the format submission deadline -

Theses and dissertation students must submit the dissertation in electronic format. The Electronic Thesis and Dissertation policies and procedures are discussed in detail on the College of Graduate Studies Website.

Following a successful dissertation defense, the candidate must make any corrections or changes to the dissertation that are required by the defense committee. The student must submit the dissertation as an electronic file (ETD) required by the College of Graduate Studies for format review by the format review deadline -

After the document format has been completed the electronic document is returned to the student. If format corrections are to be made, the student must make the changes and submit the final corrected electronic version to the College of Graduate Studies by the final submission deadline ( as posted for the semester. The student should check with his/her dissertation chair and committee members to determine if the dissertation committee chooses to re-review the document before final electronic submission to the College of Graduate Studies.