Thesis, Dissertation (Supervisory) Committees

A supervisory or dissertation committee is composed of members of the graduate faculty who are approved by the College of Graduate Studies to serve on the committee and charged with the guidance of a student admitted to a specific graduate degree program. The committees consist of a Chair (or Co-Chairs) and must have a total of at least three members. The committee Chair must hold Graduate Faculty Member status. The Committee Chair (or Co-Chairs) must be endorsed by the academic department in which the degree is housed. The majority of the committee membership must hold appointments in the academic unit responsible for the program.

Appointment of a Thesis or Dissertation Committee is initiated by the academic unit by submitting the Application for Approval of Thesis Topic and Committee Membership Form for thesis students or the Dissertation Committee Membership Approval Form for doctoral students. The form must include a recommended committee membership based on a reasonable match between student and faculty academic interests. Once the College of Graduate Studies is satisfied with the recommended committee, he or she formally approves the committee and provides appropriate notifications. A change in committee membership can be made after initial appointment but only according to the policies and procedures developed by the academic unit and only with the approval of the College of Graduate Studies. The committee membership recommendation form must be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies within two (2) weeks of the academic unit committee recommendation.