International Students

Course Load - International Graduate Students

US immigration law requires international students on a student visa to participate in a full course of study which consists of nine (9) credit hours for most majors. In addition, at least six (6) of those credit hours must require physical presence in a classroom or other designated location. Failure to maintain full-time study will result in the loss of immigration status, and the student may be required to leave the United States. Questions regarding the effect of course load upon immigration status should be directed to immigration advisors in the Center for International Studies.

Financial Assistance - International Graduate Students

Graduate Assistantship - International students may apply for Graduate Assistantships.

International Diversity Scholarship - Georgia Southern University also offers a limited number of International Diversity Scholarships (Out-of-country tuition waivers) to exceptional international graduate students. The International Diversity Scholarship will waive the assessment of the non-resident (out-of-state) tuition but students will be assessed in-state tuition.

Visa Information - International Students

The University will issue an I-20 or DS-2019, whichever is appropriate, after the applicant has been fully admitted and all required financial documentation has been submitted. These documents permit the applicant to apply for the appropriate student visa from a U.S. embassy if outside the United States or transfer schools or apply for a change of status if within the United States. Note that immigration law restricts the time between completing a degree or practical/academic training and having a new I-20 or DS-2019 issued to 60 and 30 days respectively and classes must start within five months.

International Graduate Student Advisor

The Center for International Studies at Georgia Southern has experienced and qualified advisors available to help international students with maintaining immigration status and becoming oriented to campus. Advisors are available for advice and support, and a full social and cultural program is available. To help students successfully adjust, international graduate students are required to attend orientation with the Center for International Studies, which is usually scheduled the Friday before classes begin.

Graduate Student Health Insurance

All international students are required to have adequate student health insurance as determined by Georgia Southern University. A health insurance plan is available through the University. Charges for this insurance will be on the student's invoice and collected with other University fees. Insurance for families is available at a significantly higher cost. Students, who can prove that they have health insurance, equivalent to or better than the Georgia Southern University student insurance plan, may apply for a waiver of the University insurance. Students seeking a waiver must complete an insurance waiver form available from the Center for International Studies prior to arrival in the United States. Proof of health insurance is required before a student may register for classes.