Office of Student Conduct (Philosophy)

The Office of Student Conduct emphasizes a developmental approach toward discipline that is both educational and proactive and allows for maximum student growth. It is an integral part of the educational mission of Georgia Southern University and the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The office embraces the concept of a student-centered university. A student-centered university is characterized by civility, respect, cooperation, responsibility, and understanding among all members of the campus community. It conveys high expectations for appropriate behavior and is designed to assist students in the development of an informed set of values, ethics, and beliefs. A student-centered university facilitates students' progression from campus life through graduation as competent contributors to society. As members of the campus community, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to actively support:

  • Academic integrity and honesty in the classroom
  • Ethical behavior in all aspects of University and community living
  • Civil discourse among all members of the campus community
  • A climate of trust, openness, and freedom of ideas
  • Transcultural environments, recognizing the differences in ethnic and cultural backgrounds and a greater understanding of issues related to gender

For additional information, call the Office of Student Conduct at (912) 478-0059 or visit the web at