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Special topics
Spring 2017
1263 - Writing & Linguistics
Liberal Arts & Social Science
WRIT Writing
Assessing Writing in Theory and Practice
Assessing Writing
This special topics course in writing assessment is an elective course that provides students with a crucial understanding of how to evaluate and provide meaningful feedback on writing of all kinds, including digital texts. The theoretical foundation for and practical application of formative and summative writing assessment prepares students for a variety of career paths, from teaching to publishing and editing to professional and technical communication to non-profit and corporate communication. By the end of this course, students will be able to apply theories of writing assessment and best practices to their own writing and the writing of others through critical reflection on their own experiences as a writer and the evaluation of their own writing and others; these student learning outcomes will be measured through readings, class discussions, small group work, and critical reflective writing and self-assessment with an explicit focus on developing metacognitive awareness, culminating in a formal statement of a personal philosophy of writing assessment consistent with their career goals.

Key: 10