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Spring 2017
1263 - Writing & Linguistics
Liberal Arts & Social Science
WRIT Writing
Rhetorics of Health and Medicine
Rhetorics of Health & Medicine
This elective course examines how rhetoric shapes thinking (and decision-making) about health and medicine, with particular emphasis on how rhetorical theories can inform the design of effective communication in these contexts. Students will be introduced to theories and methods for exploring how things like disease, risk, and scientific authority are discursively constructed; how discourses about health and medicine are inextricably intertwined with those surrounding gender, race, and class; and the role of writing (both "technical" and "creative") in maintaining and/or disrupting these discourses. Students will apply these theories and methods in the critique and/or creation of texts including health-related education materials, marketing, advocacy, news coverage, narratives, and policy documents.

Key: 11