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Viewing: 4: Change to Graduate Credit for Seniors (Senior Privilege)

Last approved: Fri, 19 May 2017 12:55:20 GMT

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Both Undergrad and Graduate
Fall 2017
1301 - Dean Business Administration
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Change to Graduate Credit for Seniors (Senior Privilege)
The purpose of the proposed changes to the Graduate Credit for Senior (Senior Privilege) provision in the Graduate Catalog is to make it easier and more attractive for qualified undergraduates to continue graduate studies at Georgia Southern as opposed to another institution. These changes increase the switching costs to going to another graduate program and increase the opportunities for 3+2-like programs at the university.

There are two proposed changes:
(1) Increase the window in which undergraduate students could take graduate courses for credit from within 9 to 24 credit hours of completing the requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

By increasing the number of hours, students would have a better opportunity to take graduate classwork that is sequenced and/or spread the graduate classes over their last two undergraduate semesters.

(2) Deletion of “otherwise qualified for Regular Degree Admission to the COGS”.

Regular admission to COGS often requires a standardized test or other criteria that would be a hindrance to students taking or trying graduate classes before their last undergraduate semester. Quality control on students taking graduate coursework ensured by “Permission to enroll in such courses is obtained from the chairperson of the department involved, the appropriate graduate program director, and the COGS (College of Graduate Studies)” provision
Registrar Comment 11/1/16: As this is a change that would require further discussion by the Graduate Committee, it is recommended that this item be added to the Graduate agenda for November as a discussion item.
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