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ACCT   2102   Managerial Accounting

3 Credit Hours.   3 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

The theory and application of managerial accounting concepts. The course stresses the use of accounting information for decision making and the role of managerial accounting in a business environment.

Prerequisite(s): A minimum grade of "C" in all of the following: ACCT   2101, CISM   2530, ENGL   1102, MATH   1232 or MATH   1441, ENGL   1101 or WRIT   1101.

Cross Listing(s): ACCT   2102H.

College of Business Administration

...or be concurrently enrolled in Managerial Accounting ( ACCT 2102 ) and Business Economics ( ECON 2106 ) . BBA...

Management Minor

...May be satisfied by ACCT 2101 Financial Accounting (3) and ACCT 2102 Managerial Accounting (3)