Course Load

A student's course load is computed on the credit hour value of all courses taken for credit during the semester whether taken on-campus, off-campus, or by correspondence. A normal load in a semester is 15 to 18 hours. Twelve or more hours is considered a full-time load for undergraduate students. A student must take 6-8 hours to be considered a half time student. An advisor may approve an overload for 19-21 hours. The Dean of the College in which the student's major is found may approve an overload for 22-23 hours. Under extraordinary circumstances, a student's dean may recommend to the Provost that a student be allowed to take more than 23 hours, but never more than 25 hours. Students are allowed to take no more than seven (7) semester hours during Term A, B, D, and E. No more than 12 semester hours during the Long Term or a combination of concurrent terms. During the summer semester, an undergraduate student must receive approval from his/her advisor to enroll in more than 12 hours.