Early Alerts

Georgia Southern faculty report to freshmen (students who have earned 29 credit hours or fewer) their progress in each of their classes prior to mid-term.

Faculty assign one of the following early alerts:

UAUnsatisfactory: Attendance
UGUnsatisfactory: Grades
UMUnsatisfactory: Missing or Missed Assessment
UPUnsatisfactory: Lack of Engaged Participation
UCUnsatisfactory: Combination of Issues
IDInsufficient Data

Freshmen are able to view an early alert in their WINGS student account as soon as the instructor enters one, which could be as early as the first week of classes or as late as the seventh. (To view Early Alerts, select “Student.” Click “Student Records” and choose “Early Alerts” to view the grades assigned for all courses.) Progress may be determined by any and all means of evaluation (e.g., tests, quizzes, written assignments, class participation, attendance, or a combination). A grade of “S” will indicate that the student is doing the equivalent of “C” or better work.

Freshmen who receive unsatisfactory progress grades are advised to seek the counsel of their instructor and academic advisor to determine a plan for intervention which should help students be successful in their classes. The intervention strategies may include workshops in the Academic Success Center, tutoring sessions, individual tutoring, enrollment in a tutorial class, assistance from the Student Disability Resource Center or Counseling Center, or withdrawing from the course if that is deemed necessary. See "Withdrawing from a Course" section.