Withdrawing from a Course

Withdrawing from a course after the last day of registration (Drop/Add) can be done by either submitting a withdrawal via WINGS or completing a paper "Course Withdrawal" form and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office prior to midnight on the last day to withdraw without academic penalty (this date is published in the University Calendar for each semester). For assistance with withdrawing from a course, contact the Registrar’s Office in the Rosenwald Building. The office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Any student who registers for a course must either complete course requirements or officially withdraw before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty. An “F” will be assigned to any student who discontinues attending class without officially withdrawing from the course before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty. Beginning Fall 2009, all undergraduate students will be limited to a total of five withdrawals during their academic enrollment at Georgia Southern University. See "Policy for Limiting Individual Course Withdrawals" for more details. With the proper procedures followed by the student, a “W” grade will be issued for any course withdrawn from after the Drop/Add period but before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty, if the student has not met his/her withdrawal limit of five (5) classes. Fees will not be reduced if the course is withdrawn from after the Drop/Add dates.

Before withdrawing from a class, it is important that you speak with your instructor, academic advisor and financial aid counselor. While there can be good reasons for withdrawing from a course after drop/add is over, withdrawing is often not the best option for students. Your chances of success in the course may be better than you think. You should also know the consequences of withdrawing from a course for your degree program and financial aid. Again, contact your instructor, your academic advisor and your financial aid counselor before taking this step.