Withdrawing from School

To discontinue enrollment prior to the first day of University classes, a student should complete and submit a Voluntary Cancellation Form. Any student who wishes to withdraw from school during the semester must complete and submit an official Withdrawal Form. The Voluntary Cancellation/Withdrawal form is available at http://em.georgiasouthern.edu/registrar/students/forms/. Failure to complete and submit an official Withdrawal Form will result in the assignment of failing grades in all courses for which the student registered. A withdrawal is not permitted after the last day of classes. Grades of “W” will be given for all courses if the withdrawal is before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty. If the withdrawal is completed after the last day to withdraw, instructors are given the option of assigning “W” or “WF” grades. If the instructor does not assign a withdrawal grade of "W", the Office of the Registrar will post a “WF” grade for the course. A "WF" grade is calculated in the GPA as an “F” grade. Students will not be able to withdraw from all of their classes via WINGS. WINGS prevents students from withdrawing from their last course over the web.