Manufacturing Engineering B.S.Mfg.E.

Degree Requirements: 132 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.

Credit Hours
Area A1 - Communication Skills
Select 6 credit hours from Area A1 of the Core Curriculum6
Area A2 - Quantitative Skills
MATH   1441Calculus I4
or MATH   1441H Calculus I
Area B - Global Engagement
Select 4 credit hours from Area B of the Core Curriculum4
Area C - Humanities, Fine Arts, and Ethics
Select 6 credit hours from Area C of the Core Curriculum6
Area D - Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology
MATH   2242Calculus II4
PHYS   2211Principles of Physics I 24
Environmental Science4
Area E - Social Sciences
Select 12 credit hours from Area E of the Core Curriculum12
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major
CHEM   1147Comprehensive General Chemistry4
MENG   2139Numerical Methods in Engineering3
MFGE   2142Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics4
MFGE   2534Applied Computing in Manufacturing Engineering3
PHYS   2212Principles of Physics II4
Health and Physical Education Activities
HLTH   1520Healthful Living2
Physical Education Activities2
FYE   1220First-Year Seminar2
Specific Requirements
Carryover from Area A21
Carryover from Area D1
ENGR   2131Electronics and Circuit Analysis3
MFGE   2239Engineering Modeling and Mathematical Analysis3
STAT   2231Introduction to Statistics I3
Major Requirements
ENGR   1133Engineering Graphics3
MENG   1310Manufacturing Processes Lab1
ME Technical Electives 4
MFGE   2421Introduction to Additive Manufacturing Studio2
MFGE   2531Materials Science Studio for Manufacturing Engineering3
MFGE   2533Manufacturing Processing 2 Studio3
MFGE   3131Design for Manufacturability, Assembly, Sustainability3
MFGE   3132Quality and Statistical Process Control for Engineers3
MFGE   3337Hydraulics and Electro-mechanical Systems3
MFGE   3421Industrial Controls and Networking Studio2
MFGE   3423Facilities Design2
MFGE   3531Advanced Materials Processing Studio Laboratory3
MFGE   3541Energy Science Studio4
MFGE   4135Lean MFG Principals and Engineering Project Management3
MFGE   4321Manufacturing Engineering Capstone I2
MFGE   4322Manufacturing Engineering Capstone II2
MFGE   4533Industrial Robotics and Automation3
MFGE   4614Senior Seminar: Professional Skills and Leadership1
Select 9 hours from one of the following Specialization Areas:9
Lean and Six Sigma Belt
Lean and Six Sigma 1
Lean and Six Sigma 2
Lean World Class Manufacturing
Manufacturing Automation
Automation and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems
Facilities Maintenance
Additive Manufacturing Studio
Materials Process
Composite Materials: Manufacturing, Analysis, and Design
ERP Systems Using SAP
Business Intelligence
Human Resource Information Systems
Advanced Business Applications Programming (ABAP) for the SAP/ERP System
ERP and Enterprise Performance
Enterprise System Configuration
ERP Web Portal Customization and Collaboration using SAP NetWeaver
Occupational Health and Safety
Occupational Safety
Industrial Hygiene and Ergonomics
Hazardous Waste Management
Systems Safety in Manufacturing
Environmental Law
General Manufacturing Engineering
Choose any combination of three courses (9 credits) from any combination of specialization areas above with the advanced approval of your advisor and the department chair
Free Elective
Select 3 credit hours of Free Electives3
Total Credit Hours132

 While Calculus I (MATH 1441) is 4 credit hours, only 3 credit hours will count toward fulfilling Area A2. The remaining credit hour will be applied toward Specific Requirements.


 The listed courses are recommended in Area D


College credits can be given for high school pre-engineering program Project Lead The Way’s (PLTW’s) Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) course as a possible substitution for Engineering Graphics (ENGR 1133), if the following three conditions are satisfied:

1. student scores 80% or above overall in the course and

2. an approval of the PLTW affiliate director faculty member at Georgia Southern. 


 An appropriate supervised practicum experience/special topic (MFGE 4890 or 4090) can be substituted for one technical elective with the advanced approval of your advisor and the department chair

Other Program Requirements

At least 33 semester hours of approved Engineering courses must be taken at Georgia Southern.


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CEIT Office of Student Services, Room 1208
Telephone: (912) 478-4877