REPP - Regents' Engineering Pathway Program

The Regents' Engineering Pathway Program (REPP) provides a seamless pathway for students across Georgia to pursue degrees in a variety of engineering fields. Georgia Southern participates in the REP Program in two ways.

  • First, Georgia Southern is a destination for students who have successfully completed approximately the first 2-years of the engineering curriculum at any other partnering REP Program institution across the state, including completion of the required courses for their preferred engineering program offered at Georgia Southern. In addition, students must complete all of the REPP required courses at their initial institution to be eligible for transfer under REPP. (Note: Most of the partnering institutions do not offer engineering degrees.)
  • Secondly, Georgia Southern is an REP Program institution where students may begin their engineering education as entering freshmen with the objective of transferring to one of the four (4) other engineering degree granting institutions in Georgia (Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, Mercer University, and the University of Georgia) mainly to pursue an engineering degree not offered at Georgia Southern. This is especially important for students who may choose programs such as Biomolecular, Chemical, or Nuclear Engineering.

REP Program admission requirements for any USG institutions that offer engineering degrees differ by institution and program. Admissions requirements are determined individually by each institution and change frequently. Students enrolled in Georgia Southern's REP Program who wish to transfer to one of the other REPP institutions to complete their engineering degree, should check with Georgia Southern's Director of the REP Program and the REP Program academic advisor regularly to ensure they are aware of the current admission requirements for their destination institution. A formal recommendation from the Georgia Southern Director of the REP Program is required to transfer to another partner REP Program institution. Enrollment in the REP Program does not guarantee acceptance at another REPP partnering institution.

Program Contact Information

Director: John O'Malley
REP Program and Co-op Programs
IT Building Room 3400
(912) 478-7412
E-mail address: