RETP - Regents' Engineering Transfer Program

The Regents' Engineering Transfer Program (RETP) provides a seamless pathway for students across Georgia to pursue degrees in engineering. Students may apply to any of the 16 partnering RETP (sending) institutions and, upon acceptance, work to complete approximately the first 2 years of the engineering curriculum. (Most sending institutions do not offer engineering degrees.) Once RETP requirements are met at the sending institution, the student is admitted into one of the four (4) engineering degree programs offered by Georgia Southern (receiving institution), where students have the opportunity to work towards the completion of their engineering degree. 

Georgia Southern University is both a RETP receiving and sending institution. Students may begin study toward an engineering degree in the RETP program at Georgia Southern and upon completion of the RETP requirements of the receiving institution, students may be admitted to one of the engineering degree programs offered by other engineering institutions in Georgia, including Georgia Tech. This is especially important for students who choose majors not offered at Georgia Southern such as Biomolecular, Chemical, and Nuclear engineering. RETP admission requirements for receiving institutions differ by program and change often. Consultation with Georgia Southern's Director of RETP and the RETP academic advisor is necessary for students to understand current admission requirements and to receive a formal recommendation to apply and transfer to another partner RETP institution in Georgia.

Students who wish to begin their engineering degree at Georgia Southern University and transfer to a non-RETP institution, especially to an institution outside of Georgia, should refer to the Engineering Studies (non-degree) program.