Engineering Studies (Non-Degree)

Degree Requirements: Credit Hours Vary

Course Requirements for All Engineering Major Fields

Credit Hours
Area A1 - Communication Skills
ENGL   1101Composition I3
ENGL   1102Composition II3
Area A2 - Quantitative Skills
MATH   1441Calculus I4
Area B - Global Engagement
To Be Satisfied at Georgia Tech4
Area C - Humanities, Fine Arts, and Ethics
To Be Satisfied at Georgia Tech6
Area D - Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology
PHYS   2211Principles of Physics I4
PHYS   2212Principles of Physics II4
MATH   2242Calculus II4
Area E - Social Sciences
ECON   2105Economics in a Global Society3
HIST   2110U.S. A Comprehensive Survey3
or POLS   1101 American Government
The remaining 3 credit hours of Area E will be satisfied at Georgia Tech3
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major
ENGR   1731Computing for Engineers3
MATH   2243Calculus III4
CHEM   1147Comprehensive General Chemistry4
Select 1 additional credit hour from the Mathematics Requirement of Area A21
Select 1 additional credit hour from the Mathematics Requirement of Area D1
Courses Required for Secific Fields of Engineering 1
General Biology (BmE,Ch,C,Env)
General Biology Laboratory (BmE,Ch,C,Env)
Principles of Biology I (Ag,B)
Principles of Biology I Laboratory (Ag,B)
Principles of Biology II (B)
Principles of Biology II Laboratory (B)
Organic Chemistry I (B,Ch,Mt)
Organic Chemistry II (Ch)
Engineering Graphics (A,Ag,B,C,M)
Program Design for Engineers (Cp,E)
Engineering Mechanics I (A,Ag,B,BmE,C,Env,M,Mt,N,P)
Dynamics of Rigid Bodies (A,Ag,C,Env,M)
Digital Design Lab (Cp,E)
Introduction to Computer Engineering (Cp,E)
Circuit Analysis (Cp,E)
Introduction to Signal Processing (BmE,Cp,E)
Creative Decisions and Design (M)
Mechanics of Materials (A,C,Env,M,P)
Thermodynamics (Ag,B,I,M,N,P)
Ordinary Differential Equations (A,Ag,B,BmE,C,Ch,Cp,E,Env,M,Mt,N,P)
Elementary Linear Algebra (A,Ag,B,BmE,C,Ch,Cp,E,Env,I,Mt,M,N,P)
Computing Techniques (M)
Probability (I)
Statistical Methods I

Key: A = Aerospace, Ag = Agricultural, B = Biological, BmE = Biomedical, C = Civil, Ch = Chemical, Cp = Computer, E = Electrical, Env = Environmental, I = Industrial, M = Mechanical, Mt = Materials, N = Nuclear, P = Polymer (Textile).


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