Regents' Engineering Transfer Program

The REGENTS' ENGINEERING TRANSFER PROGRAM (RETP) - allows prospective engineering students to take the first two years of the engineering curriculum at a designated first institution and, upon successful completion of the first two years of course work, transfer to one of 5 engineering institutions (second institution) in the state to complete the last two years of the engineering degree. Also, non-resident students and Georgia residents who are interested in the engineering programs at other universities may take the same course of study as the RETP students and then transfer to the school of their choice. Students may attend Georgia Southern University as a first institution for the first two years of course work and then transfer to one of four second institutions in the state that offering engineering degrees. Students may attend one of 16 designated first institutions in the state and then transfer to Georgia Southern University (second institution) to complete their engineering degree.

Admission and Completion Requirements for RETP

Current Georgia Southern Students Who Wish to Enter the RETP

Current Georgia Southern students are defined as those who are currently enrolled at Georgia Southern in another academic major. Transfer students are those who have taken a college or university course after graduating from high school from a college or university other than Georgia Southern. In either case, such a student cannot be considered for freshman admission. To be accepted into the RETP, current Georgia Southern students and transfer students must complete the following requirements:

  1. A minimum of 30 semester hours of college course work with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00,
  2. Calculus I (MATH   1441) and Calculus II (MATH   2242) with grades of at least “B” (3.00 GPA),
  3. Comprehensive General Chemistry (CHEM   1147) or Principles of Chemistry I (CHEM   1145) and Principles of Physics I (PHYS   2211) with grades of at least “B” (3.00 GPA).

Transfer Admission from an RETP Institution to Georgia Southern University

Students who wish to enter Georgia Southern's RETP must satisfy their first (sending) institution's requirements and the CEIT RETP admission requirements, apply for admission to Georgia Southern University, and request a recommendation from the first institution's RETP Coordinator.

Transfer Admission from Georgia Southern University to Another RETP Institution

Georgia Southern students who wish to apply to a second (receiving) institution that offers engineering degrees as a RETP student must first satisfy the second institution's requirements, apply for admission to the receiving institution, and request a recommendation from the CEIT RETP Coordinator.