European Union Studies Certificate

Certificate Requirements:  15 Credit Hours

The European Union Studies Certificate provides an in-depth study of the European Union (EU) and its relationship with the United States and other nations. It is a collaborative program of Georgia Southern University and the European Union Studies Program of the University System of Georgia. The program offers a common curriculum open to all university system institutions.

Note: A 3.0 GPA in certificate courses is required.

Credit Hours
Select one of the following:
EURO   3234Introduction to the European Union 3
or POLS   3234 Introduction to the European Union
Select nine credit hours from the following multidisciplinary list
One course must have the European Union (EURO) prefix.
BIOL   3100People and the Environment3
ECON   3100Multinational Econ Enterprises3
ECON   3132International Trade 3
ECON   4337Environmental Economics 3
HIST   3338Contemporary Europe 3
HIST   3431Modern Britain: 1485 to the Present 3
HIST   3432Modern Germany3
HIST   3434Modern European Thought 3
HIST   3533Modern East Central Europe3
HIST   4335Women and Gender in Europe3
HIST   5339Britain and the World 3
HIST   5430Modern France and French Society in Global Context3
HIST   5533Economic Rivals: US-UK-Japan3
POLS   3340Pol & Ideol/Contemporary Euro3
EURO   3990Topics In European Union Studies3
EURO   4130European Law and Legal Systems 3
EURO   4160Federalism and Multilevel Governance in the EU3
EURO   4230Doing Business in the European Union and United States 3
EURO   4260European Monetary Union3
EURO   4330Science and Technology Policy 3
EURO   4430EU Environmental Policy3
EURO   4530European Social Policy3
EURO   4630EU Communications and Media3
EURO   4730EU Foreign Policy3
EURO   4760US-EU Relations3
Capstone Seminar:
EURO   4500Seminar in Euro Union Studies3
or EURO   4830 EU Studies Capstone Course
Total Credit Hours15

Admission Requirements 

A certificate in EU Studies can be taken in tandem with a formal degree program. Students from all academic majors are eligible to participate as long as they possess a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA. A student may formally apply to enroll in the program after successful completion of the following:


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