Africana Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Minor Program

Credit Hours
AAST   2000Introduction to African American Studies3
Must include 9 hours of coursework numbered 3000 or above with no more than 6 hours from a single discipline and at least 6 hours from each of the following area of concentration:
Selected Topics in Africana Studies
Introduction to Africa and Its Diaspora
Yoruba Culture and Civilization
African American Theatre
African Art History
African American Art History
Topics in African American Studies
Survey of African-American Literature
Introduction to African American Literature
African American History since 1865
The History of Vietnam, 236 B.C. to Present
Late Antiquity
Social Sciences6
Topics in African American Studies
Intercultural Communication
Geography of Africa South of the Sahara
Africa Amer & The Amer Pol Sys
Total Credit Hours15