Health Education and Promotion Minor


Department of Community Health Behavior and Education
Hendricks Hall, Room 1022
Dr. Joanne Chopak-Foss
(912) 478-1530

Minor Program

Credit Hours
PUBH   2131Intro to Comm and Public Hlth3
Select two total from the following list:6
Chronic Diseases: A Modern Epidemic (Prerequisites: KINS   2531 and KINS   2511)
Health Care Systems and Advocacy
Principles of Environmental Health
Mult. and Social Determinants
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Modifying Health Behaviors
Select two health content courses: 16
Substance Use and Abuse
Stress Theory and Management in Health Promotion
Sexuality Education
Consumer Health
Global Maternal and Child Health
Health Aspects of Aging
Total Credit Hours15

Prerequisites: Healthful Living (HLTH   1520) and sophomore status.

The Health Education and Promotion Minor is open to any student interested in health education and promotion.