Africana Studies Interdisciplinary Minor


Center for Africana Studies
Carroll Building
Room 2288
(912) 478-5387

Minor Program

Credit Hours
AAST   3230Introduction to Africa and Its Diaspora3
AAST   4630Seminar in Africana Studies3
An additional 9 semester hours of courses with a significant Africana dimension in at least two disciplines other than the major must be completed for a total of 15 semester hours. Courses may be selected from the list of courses below approved for the minor. Other courses must be approved by the Director of the Africana Studies Interdisciplinary Minor.
Select 9 credit hours from the following:9
Selected Topics in Africana Studies
African American History to 1877
African American History Since 1877
Yoruba Culture and Civilization
African American Theatre
Francophone Cultures of Africa and the Caribbean
African Art History
African American Art History
History of Africa to 1800
History of Africa since 1800
Geography of Africa South of the Sahara
Rhetoric of Social Movements
Revelation and Revolution
Destruction of Slavery
Seminar in Africana Studies
Directed Individual Study in Yoruba
The American City
Survey of African-American Literature
Literature by Women
Jazz History
African American Politics
African Politics
Race and Ethnicity
Total Credit Hours15