Interdisciplinary Studies B.I.S.

Degree Requirements: 126 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) degree with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies provides opportunities for non-traditional college students who are interested in combining a liberal arts background with some degree of specialization. It offers a solid core curriculum program along with the freedom to choose from a wide range of concentrations.

While the Interdisciplinary Studies degree allows for study in several areas, it is organized to provide an academically sound program with carefully planned concentrations. The student who earns this degree will have achieved a broad-based education in a fully accredited program.

Credit Hours
Area A1 - Communication Skills
Select 6 credit hours from Area A1 of the Core Curriculum6
Area A2 - Quantitative Skills
Select 3 credit hours from Area A2 of the Core Curriculum3
Area B - Global Engagement
Select 4 credit hours from Area B of the Core Curriculum4
Area C - Humanities, Fine Arts, and Ethics
Select 6 credit hours from Area C of the Core Curriculum6
Area D - Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology
Select 11 credit hours from Area D of the Core Curriculum11
Area E - Social Sciences
Select 12 credit hours from Area E of the Core Curriculum12
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major
Select 18 credit hours of courses appropriate to Concentration and Minor programs of study, as approved by advisor18
Health and Physical Education Activities
HLTH   1520Healthful Living2
Physical Education Activities2
FYE   1220First-Year Seminar2
Major Requirements
For the major, students may choose one of the following two options: 151-54
Three (3) concentrations of 18 credit hours each from the list of approved concentrations below.
Two (2) concentrations of 18 credit hours each from the list of approved concentrations below and one (1) 15-credit hour minor (refer to minors and interdisciplinary minors in Catalog).
Approved Concentrations: 2
Africana Studies, American Studies, Business, Communication Arts, Culture and Society, Education, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Sustainability, Individual Emphasis, International Studies, Irish Studies, Justice Studies, Modern Languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Latin, Spanish), Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Religious Studies, Sociology, Southern Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and Writing
Required Capstone Course
IDS   4111Capstone in Interdisciplinary Studies1
Select 5-8 credit hours of Electives5-8
Total Credit Hours126

Of the total number of credit hours for the major, 42 of the credit hours must be at the upper division level.


Note: Please check with B.I.S. advisor for detailed information on Approved Concentrations.

Other Program Requirements

  • Students must have a 2.0 total institutional GPA overall and a total GPA of 2.0 in each concentration (or minor).
  • Students must choose concentrations and minors from different disciplines.

Other Program Information

  • Foreign Language - Although foreign language is optional in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree, students who wish may include Foreign Language in Area F, as well as choose a minor or concentration in Foreign Language.


The program is administered by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.  Students are advised in the CLASS Advisement Center, located in the Carroll Building, Room 2244. Contact: CLASS Advisement Center at (912) 478-7740.