Modern Languages B.A. (Concentration in German)

Degree Requirements: 126 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.

See Modern Languages Suggested Chronology for four year suggested course rotation.

Credit Hours
Area A1 - Communication Skills
Select 6 credit hours from Area A1 of the Core Curriculum6
Area A2 - Quantitative Skills
Select 3 credit hours from Area A2 of the Core Curriculum3
Area B - Global Engagement
Select 4 credit hours from Area B of the Core Curriculum4
Area C - Humanities, Fine Arts, and Ethics
Select 6 credit hours from Area C of the Core Curriculum6
Area D - Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology
Select 11 credit hours from Area D of the Core Curriculum11
Area E - Social Sciences
Select 12 credit hours from Area E of the Core Curriculum12
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major
Intermediate German I (or equivalent)
Intermediate German II (or equivalent)
Accelerated Intermediate German (or equivalent)
Elective Courses12-18
Introduction to Anthropology
Elementary Arabic I
and Elementary Arabic II
Art History I
Art History II
Elementary Chinese I
and Elementary Chinese II
Crossing Borders
Human Communication
World Literature I
World Literature II
Introduction to Film Studies
Elementary French I
and Elementary French II
Accelerated Elementary French
World Regional Geography
Elementary German I
and Elementary German II
Accelerated Elementary German
World History I: Development of World Civilization
Humanities I
Humanities II
Introduction to International Studies
Elementary Japanese I
and Elementary Japanese II
Accelerated Elementary Japanese
Elementary Latin I
and Elementary Latin II
Accelerated Elementary Latin
Music Appreciation
Introduction to Philosophy
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Religion
Introduction to Sociology
Elementary Spanish I
and Elementary Spanish II
Accelerated Elementary Spanish
Theatre Appreciation
Elementary Yoruba I
and Elementary Yoruba II
Health and Physical Education Activities
HLTH   1520Healthful Living2
Physical Education Activities2
FYE   1220First-Year Seminar2
Major Requirements24
24 upper-division credit hours in GRMN, at least 9 of which must be at the 4000 level. (See Course Descriptions for specific course prerequisites.)
Minor or Second Major Required
Select 15-30 credit hours of Minor or Second Major courses (credit hours will vary according to minor or second major)15-30
Free Electives
Select 6-21 credit hours of Electives as needed to complete 126 total credit hours (advisor approved)6-21
Total Credit Hours126

Other Program Requirements

  • Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” in each course in German.

  • At least 39 of the 126 hours must be upper-division.


All Modern Languages majors, including students in the UHP, are advised by an advisor in the Forrest Drive Building, (912) 478-7740.