Comparative Literature Interdisciplinary Minor


Department of Literature & Philosophy
Newton Building
(912) 478-5471

Minor Program

Credit Hours
COML   2531Crossing Borders3
Foreign Language majors select three courses; non-Foreign Language majors select two courses from the following group:6-9
Selected Topics
World Drama to Romanticism
The Bible as Literature
Literary Criticism and Theory
Post-Colonial Literature
World Fiction since 1900
For all students, select one course from the following group:3
African Art History
Art and Architecture of the Ancient World
Medieval Art History
Italian Renaissance Art History
Baroque and Rococo Art History
19th Century Art History
20th Century Art History
Media Criticism
Literary Translation
Documentary Film
Art of Film
History of Music I
History of Music II
Jazz History
Philosophy of Art
Theatre History I: Origins to 1700
Theatre History II: 1700 to Contemporary
For non-Foreign Language majors, one foreign language literature course is required.3
Total Credit Hours15-18