English B.A.

Degree Requirements: 126 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.

Credit Hours
Area A1 - Communication Skills
Select 6 credit hours from Area A1 of the Core Curriculum6
Area A2 - Quantitative Skills
Select 3 credit hours from Area A2 of the Core Curriculum3
Area B - Global Engagement
Select 4 credit hours from Area B of the Core Curriculum4
Area C - Humanities, Fine Arts, and Ethics
Select 6 credit hours from Area C of the Core Curriculum6
Area D - Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology
Select 11 credit hours from Area D of the Core Curriculum11
Area E - Social Sciences
Select 12 credit hours from Area E of the Core Curriculum12
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major
ENGL   2111World Literature I (required if not taken as part of Area C)3
ENGL   2131Introduction to Literary Studies3
ENGL   2231British Literature I3
ENGL   2232British Literature II3
ENGL   2331American Literature I3
or ENGL   2332 American Literature II
Foreign Language - through 20023-6
Select one of the following if an additional 3-hour course is needed to reach 18 hours in Area F:3
Art in Life
World Literature II
The Language of Film
Foreign Language - additional foreign language at 1000-2000 level in a different language
World History I: Development of World Civilization
Music Appreciation
Introduction to Philosophy
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Religion
Theatre Appreciation
Health and Physical Education Activities
HLTH   1520Healthful Living2
Physical Education Activities2
FYE   1220First-Year Seminar2
Major Requirements (27 credit hours at the 3000 level or above)
Specific Requirements:
ENGL   4630Senior Seminar 13
Select one of the following Single-Author courses:3
Single Author
Select the appropriate number of course credit hours from each of the four (4) areas below21
AREA 1 (3-9 credit hours) 2
Medieval British Literature: 700-1450
Poetry and Prose of the English Renaissance
British Drama to 1642
AREA 2 (3-9 credit hours)
The British Novel
British Romantics
The Age of Exuberance: British Literature 1660-1790
Victorian Prose and Poetry
British Drama since 1660
Twentieth Century British Literature
AREA 3 (3-9 credit hours)
The American Novel
Colonial American Literature
American Romanticism
American Realism
AREA 4 (6-12 credit hours)
Survey of African-American Literature
Women and Literature
Patterns in Film and Literature
Selected Topics
Teaching Literature to Middle and Secondary School Students
Southern Literature
Irish Literature to 1850
Irish Literature since 1850
Irish Women Writers
World Drama to Romanticism
Contemporary Poetry
Modern Poetry to 1945
The Bible as Literature
Literary Criticism and Theory
Literature for Adolescents
Children's Literature
Post-Colonial Literature
World Fiction since 1900
Literature by Women
Select 15 credit hours of Electives 15
Minor - Required (Must be approved by advisor)
Select 15 credit hours of Minor15
Total Credit Hours126

May be taken only after successfully completing eighteen (18) credit hours of upper division coursework


NOTE: May not overlap with credit hours taken for required single-author course listed above


  • Introduction to Literary Studies (ENGL   2131) (3) must be taken prior to or concurrent with upper division courses and should be taken at the earliest opportunity in the student's course of study.
  • Each upper-division course has one other prerequisite ENGL class, which varies depending on the subject matter. Please see course descriptions or your advisor for the exact prerequisite for each upper-division course.

Other Program Requirements

  • Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” in all required courses and in all major courses.
  • Majors must acquire from their advisors a copy of “Requirements for the Major in English".


All English majors, including students in the UHP, are advised by an advisor located in the Newton Building, (912) 478-7740.