Religious Studies Interdisciplinary Concentration


Literature and Philosophy Department
Newton Building
Room 2222C
(912) 478-0222

Concentration Program

Credit Hours
RELS   2130Introduction to Religion3
RELS   4890Seminar in Religious Studies3
Select four of the following: (Must be from at least three different disciplines and approved by advisor)12
Late Antiquity
Selected Topics
World Religions
Introduction to Asian Religions
Introduction to Hinduism
Introduction to Global Islam
Introduction to Christianity
History of Religion in the U.S.
Psychology of Religion
Religion, Sex, and Gender
Genesis and Human Relations
The Hebrew Prophets
Human Suffering and the Bible
Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
Christian Europe 450-1750
Introduction to the New Testament
Humanistic and Transpersonal Psychology
Religion and Politics
Philosophy of Religion
The Reformation
The Bible as Literature
Sociology of Religion
Total Credit Hours18