Music - Music Technology Minor


Chair, Department of Music
Foy 1st Floor
(912) 478-5396


Credit Hours
MUSC   1100Music Appreciation3
Total Credit Hours3

Minor Program

Credit Hours
MUSC   1333Music Fundamentals I 13
MUSC   1334Music Fundamentals II 13
MUSC   1515Technology in Music1
MUSC   4534Recording Studio Techniques3
MUSC   4535MIDI Sequencing3
MUSC   5630Music, Technology and Contemporary Culture3
MUSE   1100Recital Attendance (2 semesters)0
Total Credit Hours16

B.A. Music majors substitute IT   1230 Introduction to Web Technologies (3) and CSCI   1236 Introduction to Java Programming (3). 

Additional Minor Requirements/Recommendations

Students must be formally advised by a minor advisor and a minor must be declared prior to completing seven hours in the minor.