Latin American Studies Interdisciplinary Minor


CLASS Dean's Office
Foy Building
(912) 478-2527

Minor Program

Credit Hours
Select five of the following: 1,215
Geography of Latin America
History of Modern Cuba
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Latin American Politics
Contemporary World Cultures
Conversation, Composition, Culture: South America
Conversation, Composition, Culture: Mexico and Central America
Conversation, Composition, Culture: The Caribbean
Conversation, Composition, Culture: Spain
Conversation, Composition, Culture: Latino USA
Introduction to Hispanic Literature
Spanish American Life, Literature, and Thought
Peninsular Life, Literature, and Thought
Latinos in the U.S.
Studies in Hispanic Film
Total Credit Hours15

A total of 15 credit hours of courses with significant Latin American dimension in at least two disciplines other than the major must be completed for the interdisciplinary minor. Other courses must be approved by the director of the Latin American Studies Interdisciplinary Minor.


On a regular basis, students pursuing the minor in Latin American Studies should consult with the Director of the Latin American Studies Interdisciplinary Minor.