Anthropology B.A.

Degree Requirements: 126 Credit Hours

See Core Curriculum  for required courses in Area A1 through Area E.

Credit Hours
Area A1 - Communication Skills
Select 6 credit hours from Area A1 of the Core Curriculum6
Area A2 - Quantitative Skills
Select 3 credit hours from Area A2 of the Core Curriculum3
Area B - Global Engagement
Select 4 credit hours from Area B of the Core Curriculum4
Area C - Humanities, Fine Arts, and Ethics
Select 6 credit hours from Area C of the Core Curriculum6
Area D - Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Technology
Select 11 credit hours from Area D of the Core Curriculum11
Area E - Social Sciences
Select 12 credit hours from Area E of the Core Curriculum12
Area F - Courses Appropriate to Major
Introduction to Anthropology
Anthropological Inquiry
Biological Anthropology
World Archaeology
Cultural Anthropology
Foreign Language thru 2002
Students who test out of FORL 2002, may choose 3 hours from among the following Area F electives:
General Biology
and General Biology Laboratory
Environmental Biology
and Environmental Biology Laboratory
Climate and the Landscape
World Regional Geography
Introduction to the Earth
General Historical Geology
Environmental Geology
World History I: Development of World Civilization
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory
Introduction to Philosophy
Critical Thinking
Introduction to Political Science
Introduction to Political Analysis
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Statistics I
Introduction to Statistics II
Health and Physical Education Activities
HLTH   1520Healthful Living2
Physical Education Activities2
FYE   1220First-Year Seminar2
Major Requirements
REQUIRED: ALL Students must take the following courses:9
Linguistic Anthropology
Frameworks for Anthropology
Capstone Seminar in Anthropology
Then the student can choose from one of the three following tracks:
Option 1: Archaeology field experience
Option 2: Internship experience
Option 3: Four field anthropology
Option 1: 30
Students in the Archaeology field experience Track must take
Archaeological Methods and Theory
Then the student should choose 12 hours from the following upper division courses and 6 hours from the Internship Experience track:
Fire, Stone, Hide and Bone
North American Archaeology
Southeastern Prehistory
Material Culture
Foraging to Farming
Historical Archaeology
Contact: Worlds Collide
Potsherds to Pixels: Digital and Spatial Technologies for Archaeologists
Archaeologies of Conflict
Advanced Archaeological Analysis
Cultural Resource Management
AND a total of 9 hours field experience:
ARCH   4292Archaeology Field Session 3-9
Option 2:30
Students in the Internship experience track must take:
Ethnographic Methods
Then the student should choose 12 hours from the courses listed below, and 6 hours from the archaeology track:
Selected Topics Anthropology
European Cultures
Native Peoples of North America
Native Peoples of the Southeast
Caribbean Cultures
Language, Power, Politics
Anthropology and Human Problems
Gender and Anthropology
Medical Anthropology
Reading Culture
Language and Culture
Anthropology of Language and Gender
Selected Topics in Anthropology
AND a total of 9 hours of internship experience:
Internship in Anthropology
Option 3:21
In the four field option, the student must take one of the methods courses (Archaeological Methods and Theory OR Ethnographic Methods) and then choose 9 hours from each of the two tracks.
For Options 1 & 2 students should choose 6 hours of free electives. For Option 3 students should choose 15 hours of free elective, which can include up to six hours of field session or internship.6-15
Minor - Required
Select 15 credit hours of Minor courses15
Total Credit Hours126

Other Program Requirements

  • A minimum grade of “C” in required Anthropology courses; “C” average for all Anthropology courses with maximum of one “D” included; a maximum of 9 hours can be taken either for the Archaeology Field Session or for the Internship in Anthropology; or for a combination of the Archaeology Field Session and the Internship in Anthropology.

Honors in Anthropology

To graduate with Honors in Anthropology, a student must:

  • be admitted to the University Honors Program;
  • successfully complete one credit hour of UHON   4191 during their first semester in the departmental honors program, and at least two credit hours of UHON 4999 after UHON 4191 and before graduation (normally one during each of the last semesters enrolled);
  • successfully complete and present an Honors Thesis or Capstone Project;
  • be in good standing in the University Honors Program at the time of graduation.

Three UHON hours can be applied toward the required hours in either track of the major. The three hours of UHON credit can be substituted in the major for the capstone course, if the student is in good standing with their thesis mentor during the spring semester of their senior year. 


Sociology and Anthropology majors, including students in the UHP, are advised by an advisor located in the Carroll Building, Room 1087. If you have questions about advisement, don't hesitate to contact the anthropology advisor at (912) 478-7740.