College of Science and Mathematics

Dean: Martha L. Abell
2141 Engineering Building
P. O. Box 8044
Phone (912) 478-5111

Associate Dean of Faculty and Research Programs: Lance D. McBrayer
2141 Engineering Building
P. O. Box 8044
Phone (912) 478-5111

Associate Dean of Curriculum and Advisement: Brian P. Koehler
2141 Engineering Building
P. O. Box 8044
Phone (912) 478-5111

In the College of Science and Mathematics, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degrees can be pursued in the following majors: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics. Minors are available in Biology, Chemistry, Geographic Information Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Military Science, and Physics. The College also offers Master of Science programs.

Students in the College of Science and Mathematics may also choose to pursue a pre-health professional program of study in Pre-Medicine, Pre-Dental Medicine, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physician Assistant (PA), or Pre-Optometry. For students in any major, the Department of Military Science administers the Army ROTC program which leads to a commission as a second lieutenant at the time of graduation.


Within this decade, the College of Science and Mathematics will be recognized as a national leader in the development of innovative curricula and for its dedicated faculty who integrate distinguished scholarship with superior undergraduate and graduate education.


The College of Science and Mathematics at Georgia Southern University is a diverse community of teacher-scholars, students, alumni, and friends engaged in the discovery, application, integration, and transformation of scientific and technological knowledge. Reflecting the best practices of our disciplines, the College provides undergraduate and graduate students with a challenging education that is research-based and technology-infused, and promotes life-long learning and stewardship for the benefit of the human, natural, and technological resources of Georgia, the nation, and the world.

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The COSM Advisement Center is located in the Engineering Building, room 1116. Students meet with their advisor for academic advisement on major requirements, course selection, registration and other student concerns during two meetings each semester. Students with majors in the following areas will be advised in the COSM Advisement Center: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Mathematical Sciences, and Physics.

While advisors provide information and guidance, final responsibility for completion of degree requirements rests with the student. All Georgia Southern students will complete the Core Curriculum as outlined. All majors have specific mathematics and science requirements. Therefore, it is to the student’s advantage to fit these specific requirements into the Core Curriculum whenever possible. In this way, both the Core Curriculum and the requirements of the major may be met.

Students may contact the COSM Advisement Center if they have questions about advising.

COSM Advisement Center
Engineering Building, Room 1116
PO Box 8044-01
(912) 478-0649 COSM Advisement Center
(912) 478-7472 Pre-Health Professional Programs
(912) 478-2311 (Fax)

Lisa Vance, Coordinator: (912) 478-0649
Kelly Gagel, Academic Advisor: (912) 478-2272
Marilyn Hale, Academic Advisor: (912) 478-2312
Laura Hawkins, Academic & Intervention Advisor: (912) 478-7687
Albert Killingsworth, Academic Advisor: (912) 478-7685
Malerie Payne, Academic Advisor: (912) 478-2313
Benjamin Phillips, Academic Advisor: (912) 478-7686
Denise Lewis, Admin. Secretary: (912) 478-0649