Chemistry Minor


Chair, Department of Chemistry
Nursing/Chemistry Building, Room 2003C
(912) 478-5681


Credit Hours
CHEM   1145Principles of Chemistry I4
CHEM   1146Principles of Chemistry II4
Total Credit Hours8

Minor Program

The Chemistry Minor requires 15 credit hours above the 2100 level of which 9 credit hours must be upper division courses.  The following courses may NOT be counted in the 15 credit hours for the minor:

Credit Hours
CHEM   3790Teaching Internship in Chemistry1-3
CHEM   4790Chemistry Internship1-4

For individuals seeking teacher certification through MAT, the following courses are strongly recommended as part of the 15 credit hours requirement.

Credit Hours
CHEM   2242Analytical Chemistry4
CHEM   3341Organic Chemistry I4

For further information regarding Certification, please refer to the College of Education section.