Physics Minor


Chair, Department of Physics
Math Physics Building, Room 2005
(912) 478-5292


Credit Hours
Select one 8-credit hour sequence from the following:8
Introduction to Physics I
and Introduction to Physics II
Principles of Physics I
and Principles of Physics II
Total Credit Hours8

Minor Program

Credit Hours
Select 15 credit hours from the following Upper Division courses: (must have approval of the physics advisor)15
The Search for Life in the Universe
Physical Astronomy
Galactic Astronomy
Observational Techniques in Astronomy
Sound Waves and Acoustics
Methods of Theoretical Physics
Problem Solving in Physics
Modern Physics I
and Modern Physics II
Introduction to Biophysics
Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
Introduction to General Relativity
Quantum Optics
Properties of Materials
Principles of Lasers
Advanced Physics Lab I
Classical Mechanics
Classical E and M Theory
Thermal Physics
Quantum Mechanics
Total Credit Hours15

For individuals seeking teacher certification through MAT, the following list of courses is strongly recommended as part of the 15 credit hours requirement.

Credit Hours
PHYS   3536Modern Physics I3
PHYS   3537Modern Physics II3
Total Credit Hours6

For further information regarding Certification, please refer to the College of Education section.