Career Services

The mission of Career Services is to guide members of the Georgia Southern University community in establishing career objectives through comprehensive programs which provide opportunities for individuals to learn strategies useful in reaching their career goals. As career advisors, the Career Services staff assists students with choosing majors, identifying career options, gaining related work experience, awarding non-credit "tuition free" Co-op/Internship hours, and providing guidance in their full-time professional job search strategies through three distinct areas: Career Advisement, Experiential Education and Course Instruction, and Professional Employment. The Career Advisement phase is designed to assist students in identifying academic majors and career options. Strategies include one-on-one or group career advising, career assessments, investigation of careers through a comprehensive collection of literature, and resources located in our Career Resource Center. Opportunities for Experiential Education are developed through the outreach efforts of the Employer Relations team, and the students are prepared for these experiences through mock interview training, rèsumè/cover letter critique assistance, and structured academic courses that focus on Emotional Intelligence development and professionalism in the workplace. Professional Employment opportunities are available through the Eagle Career Net online job board and are open to all Georgia Southern University active students and alumni.

Experiential learning provides a valuable opportunity for students to acquire relevant work experience that will increase their marketability upon graduation. Internships and Co-ops provide an opportunity for students to evaluate whether their chosen career path or field of study is a good fit for them, develop their professional skills, and apply their academic knowledge while obtaining valuable real world experience in their field. The Office of Career Services at Georgia Southern University is committed to actively recruiting and promoting Internship and Co-op opportunities for all students and provides a centralized contact for all academic and non-academic related issues associated with experiential learning for all Colleges and majors.

Our professional staff advises and assists students in developing professional skills during their academic career so that they may complete an effective job search campaign prior to graduation. Workshops, class presentations, individual career advisement appointments, along with resources provided on the Career Services website, help prepare students in the areas of effective job search and networking strategies, cover letter and resume development, interviewing techniques, negotiation strategies, and making the transition from college to the world of work. Our department attracts a variety of industries and organizations to recruit Georgia Southern University students and alumni through resume referrals, on-campus interviewing, and by allowing employers to post positions on Eagle Career Net. By participating in On-Campus Recruiting opportunities, students are able to network with potential employers from all industries to inquire about full-time employment upon graduation. Career Services works collaboratively with the academic and local communities to provide all Georgia Southern University students with the tools necessary to be highly marketable and competitive in the job market arena.

For more information, please visit the Career Services website or call (912) 478-5197.