Interdisciplinary Minors

Minors are available in 15 interdisciplinary areas, each of which is coordinated by a committee of faculty from the disciplines involved. A student who minors in one of these areas typically will major in one of the disciplines whose courses are listed in the minor. Otherwise, the student must secure the approval of the committee. Approval also is required for the group of courses selected to comprise the minor.

Guidelines for Interdisciplinary Minors

The interdisciplinary minor offers an opportunity to select courses focused on a given area of study from more than one discipline. As with single discipline minors, the interdisciplinary minor is distinct from the major program of study.

The following guidelines apply to all interdisciplinary minors:

  1. A minor must contain 15 credit hours of coursework with at least 12 upper division credit hours. Typically, courses taken for the minor shall be in at least two disciplines other than the major. A minimum of nine of the 15 credit hours must be earned at Georgia Southern University.
  2. While courses taken to satisfy Core Areas A1 through E may not be used to satisfy coursework in the minor, courses listed in Area F may be counted as coursework in the minor.
  3. A student has the option of taking one authorized lower division course and one upper division course crosslisted with the student’s major to fulfill minor requirements.
  4. The chairperson of the minor program must approve the courses selected for the minor.
  5. Students should declare the minor by the beginning of their junior year and advise the chairperson of the minor program of that decision.