Learning Skills Course

Methods of Learning (GSU   1120)

Designed to promote academic success, Methods of Learning emphasizes opportunities for students to learn and apply strategies that lead to success in their academic courses, including interpreting, organizing, and synthesizing academic information in texts and lectures; identifying and assessing individual learning styles; setting and achieving academic goals; managing time effectively; taking comprehensive notes; and preparing for tests. This course is required of all freshmen with a total institution GPA of 1.99 or below unless they have already passed the course with a grade of “C” or “S.” Credit hours for this course cannot be used toward graduation.

Learning Support

According to Board of Regents policy Non-Traditional Students, “All non-traditional freshmen must be evaluated for Learning Support status in English (reading/writing) and Mathematics using USG placement criteria (see Academic and Student Affairs 2.9.1). As an alternative, an institution may allow non- traditional freshmen who have within the past seven (7) years posted SAT scores of at least 500 in both Critical Reading and Mathematics on the old SAT (administered prior to March 2016), or equivalent on the new SAT, or ACT scores of at least 21 on both English and Mathematics to exempt the placement test.” 

The purpose of the Learning Support Program is to provide students who have been admitted with inadequate skills in reading, composition, and/or mathematics the support needed to be successful in entry-level college courses. If results of the placement tests reflect a need for assistance in developing academic skills of those who qualify for admission, students will be enrolled in a portion or in the entire Learning Support curriculum.

Learning Support courses carry institutional credit but not credit toward a degree. If the diagnostic tests so indicate, a student may be allowed to enroll in one or more college-level courses for degree credit concurrently with Learning Support courses. The student’s first obligation, however, is to satisfy Learning Support requirements.

Students’ progress will be assessed periodically, and they may move out of Learning Support courses at the end of any semester, provided satisfactory levels of proficiency have been reached. Students who have not completed requirements for Foundations-level Learning Support courses in two attempts will be placed on dismissal. Any student placed on dismissal for failure to exit Learning Support will be excluded for one year. Alternately, a Learning Support student who is placed on dismissal for failure to exit Learning Support may apply for readmission as a transfer student after satisfying Learning Support requirements and completing 30 hours of college-level work with a minimum GPA of 2.0. A Learning Support student who enrolls at another institution before completing Learning Support requirements at Georgia Southern may apply for readmission as a transfer student after satisfying Learning Support requirements and completing 30 hours of college-level work with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Additional requirements for students enrolled in Learning Support courses:

  • Students may carry a maximum of 15 credit hours (including any Learning Support courses).
  • Learning Support students will be assigned an advisor in the Academic Success Center and must see this advisor for drop/add and registration (even if the student has declared a major).
  • Students are not allowed to drop any required Learning Support classes. The only way a student can withdraw from a required Learning Support course is to withdraw from school.
  • Students who apply for or receive financial aid and who are enrolled as Learning Support students will receive the same consideration and awards as any other student.
  • Students who are not required to enroll in a Learning Support course may enroll on an audit basis only. They will be expected to participate in the course and take the tests, but they will not be subject to the Learning Support exit requirements.

See Course Descriptions for:

Credit Hours
ENGL   0999Support for English Composition1
MATH   0989Foundations for College Algebra4
MATH   0998Support for Mathematical Modeling1
MATH   0999Support for College Algebra1