FYE First-Year Experience

FYE   1220   First-Year Seminar

2 Credit Hours.   2 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

Seminar designed to develop foundational information literacy skills and apply them to academic inquiry, academic planning, and campus engagement. Required during students' first semester at the university (except for transfer students who enter with 30 hours or more); students may not withdraw.

FYE   1410   Global Citizens

1 Credit Hour.   1 Lecture Hour.   0 Lab Hours.

Graduates in all fields face many challenges in today's world that require the ability to think and engage globally. Doing so requires recognizing that different cultural perspectives influence the understanding of world issues. In this seminar, students explain factors that contribute to their cultural perspective, apply multiple cultural perspectives to global issues, and then apply this knowledge through engagement with local communities or problems. Faculty from across the University design courses drawing on examples from their disciplines, and students are encouraged to selection sections offered by faculty in their fields or potential fields. In preparation for subsequent coursework as upper-class students, first-year students enroll in this course in their second semester.

Prerequisite(s): FYE   1220.

FYE   2090   Selected Topics in First-Year Experience

1-3 Credit Hours.   1-3 Lecture Hours.   0 Lab Hours.

Selected topics in First-Year Experience offered on an irregular basis. Individual sections carry a subtitle.

Prerequisite(s): FYE   1220.

FYE   2212   Teaching Internship in First-Year Experience

1 Credit Hour.   0 Lecture Hours.   1 Lab Hour.

Provides selected sophomore, junior and senior students an opportunity to develop leadership and mentoring skills through their involvement with FYE   1220: First-Year Seminar. Includes training in counseling, communication, problem solving, classroom management, and conflict resolution skills. Under the supervision of the First-Year Experience program and the faculty member teaching the FYE   1220 course, students in FYE   2212 lead classroom discussions and activities, assess student work, and serve as a resource for first-year students.