Grade Point Average

The grade point average is the grade average on all work for which the student is enrolled excluding learning support and institutional credit. It is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credits attempted (GPA hours). The total institutional GPA is based only on the course work done at Georgia Southern and does not include transfer course work. To calculate your GPA, go to the First-Year Experience website at and click on “Calculating Your GPA."

The total institutional GPA is used for determining a student’s academic standing. A student shall be in good academic standing unless he/she has been suspended from the University and not readmitted. An undergraduate student may repeat any course and the most recent grade becomes the official grade for the course even if the most recent grade is lower. In computing the total institutional grade point average all grades will be used. Students should be aware that all grades earned at Georgia Southern will appear on the Georgia Southern transcript.

A GPA is computed for each level (undergraduate, masters, specialist, doctorate) of course work. For example, a student who has been enrolled as both an undergraduate and a masters student will have one GPA for all undergraduate course work and one GPA for masters course work.

Institutional GPA is calculated using only the courses enrolled in and completed at Georgia Southern University. Transfer courses are not included in this calculation.