Printing & Postal Services

Printing and Postal Services is a university-owned and operated facility located in the Dining Commons building on the Statesboro campus and the Armstrong campus's Annex 2 building. These facilities provide mail pick up, delivery, posting and boxing, and window services for faculty, staff, and students. The second half of the Printing and Postal Services task list is to print course packs, class required name badges, printed projects, and any printed materials needed by the campus community.

Statesboro Campus:
All student mailboxes are located in the Dining Commons building. Post Office Boxes will be made available to all students living in University Housing. Once these boxes are assigned, the remaining Post Office Boxes will be made available to other students on a first-come, first-serve basis for one full academic year for a $20.00 fee.

Non-University Housing students must go to the P.O. Box Store at or the Printing and Postal Services counter in the Dining Commons building to purchase their box. After buying a P.O. Box, the student will be assigned a P.O. Box for the current year. The P.O. Box is accessed using three easy steps. First, log into and click on WINGS. Next, click on the "Personal Information" tab, then click on "View P.O. Box combination" to view the combination and instructions on how to use the P.O. Box.

Armstrong Campus:
All residential students have mailboxes in their residence halls. Additionally, there are no P.O. Boxes available for rent by non-residential students.

Mail Forwarding:
On both campuses, students need to submit forwarding addresses for the following reasons:

  • graduating
  • withdrawing
  • leaving for a semester
  • completing a voluntary cancellation form

Each campus has different mail forwarding processes. Statesboro campus students can update forwarding addresses on their WINGS account. The Armstrong campus requires students to fill out a USPS Official Mail Forwarding Change of Address Order form. (PS FORM 3575) Printing and Postal Services at the Savannah campus will use the information to forward mail until the USPS form is processed.

Additionally, you will need to go online and submit a USPS Change of Address Form at

If you forward your mail, your first-class mail and periodicals will be sent to your forwarding address.

If no forwarding address is on file, mail will be returned to the sender.

If you have any questions, call the Georgia Southern Printing and Postal Services at (912) 478-5697 on the Statesboro Campus and (912) 344-3036 on the Armstrong Campus. Visit our website at for additional information.