Student Accessibility Resource Center

The Student Accessibility Resource Center (SARC) strives to assure equal access to all aspects of the college experience for students with disabilities through reasonable accommodations.  A unit of Student Affairs, the Student Accessibility Resource Center supports both the Student Accessibility mission and the university’s strategic plan by promoting and contributing to a university community centered on student learning and success. The SARC office staff is responsible for the coordination of all services for students with disabilities.  Students with disabilities must meet all admission and academic standards. Services are provided to students at no cost. The disability categories we serve are:  acquired brain injury, attention deficit disorder (ADD or AD/HD), autism spectrum disorder, communication disorders, hearing impairment, learning disabilities, mobility impairment, psychological disorders, systemic medical disabilities and visual impairment.  

Students initiate services by completing the Voluntary Declaration of Disability (VDD) form located under the Receiving Services tab on our website. The VDD is returned to our office and the student meets with a SARC staff member and provides documentation of the disability. Academic accommodations are determined on an individual basis using USG specific documentation guidelines which can be found in the Academic and Student Affairs Handbook.  Once documentation of the disability is approved, SARC will provide students with accommodation letters to share with their professors.

SARC is located on the second floor of Cone Hall on the Statesboro campus and the phone number is (912) 478-1566.  SARC is located on the second floor of the Memorial College Center on the Savannah campus and serves Savannah and Liberty students; the phone number is (912) 344-2572.  Our video phone number is (912) 225-9877.